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  • "Boy, Your Spine is as Crooked as a Politician!"

    Nothing could be more truthful in today's political climate!  I think it is pretty easily assumed that most 'citizens' think of politicians in general in this way.  One can also assume that probably most constituents think fairly well about their own representative regardless of the job they are doing.  (take someone like Joe Walsh - what a horses patoout!)

  • A Horse's Ass

    If you were going to play a game of baseball or basketball, perhaps a game of football or tennis and before you actually started to play the game the referee's announced they were not going to be impartial and they would in fact collude with the opposing team!  WTF?

    By any stretch of the imagination, the above definition would lead one to conclude that Mitch McConnell is a horse’s patoot!

    Now we have politician's (really anyone) asking why the House of Representatives in Congress doesn't want to send the articles of impeachment over to the Senate?  Really, is the public that stupid or do our politicians just think that is the case?

  • Bloomberg - Yet another Trump

    Mike Bloomberg has announced he is running for U.S. President, but what is he and what does he really stand for?  Another rich, out of touch with the real world, holier than thou, I can do anything I want "businessman".  Yeah just what this country needs again is another rich, megalomaniac.  Mike (may I call you Mike?), Mike has shown his elitist stature at the climate talks in Spain. Announcing a news conference at the summit in Spain and then taking not a single question from the media was brilliantly stupid!  It was very "Trumpian" in its fascist, moronic, absurdity.  This is yet another rich individual (****) that wants to be the President of the United States. Another rich guy that does not have the wherewithal to answer a simple question (maybe because it was from a Democracy Now reporter - one he might deem as an undesirable) about what "he" would do about climate change while at the climate change conference after announcing he would have a news conference!

  • Canadian Universal Healthcare


    Jim (****ing) Carey speaks about Canadian Healthcare

  • Conflicts of Interest

    Let's face it, our political system is one big mess!  Conflicts of interest are just the tip of the iceberg - not that that is anything new.  It's just that it has become a problem again along with the level of discouse, the unashamed, unabashed, unadultrated lying by our political leaders, the authoritarian leanings of our Congress and a general lack of integrity - the likes we've haven't seen in quite some time now. 

    Most are saying, "let's wait and see what happens with this new administration" but it will be no surprise as to what is going to happen. Perhaps the specific details are yet to be observed but the general sense that things will come unhinged seems to be a sure thing.

    Until "the people" demand that their political leaders (to start with) must have integrity, display honesty and work for their constituency we are doomed to fail. There are enough "people" that want and see what is required but I fear that we as a people will suffer before anything is done. Let's hope it ain't too late...

  • Congress Screws America (and the World)!

    (Originally published 2-18-2012) Irregardless of the stock market (yet another scam on the working class) or the current state of political discourse.  Well it is obvious to most real thinking people that are willing to look at truth as opposed to a rationalized 'truth' that strokes their own narrow perception of the world!

    DemocratsOur Congress has shown the world that they are perfectly willing to not govern as a democratic body and will (as stated in public by a number of Senators and House Reps, like Mr. McConnell) not only hold the American public hostage but will extort them through minority rule, in a non-democratic fashion from now on and that their only purpose or number one goal is to defeat the opposition party incumbent! 

  • Disgrace

    I don't understand how anyone that has conservative ideas, like being fiscially responsible (to me an irony, but none the less) and other conservative ideas - how they can accept the behavior of their party in the United States Congress in recent years and particularly right this minute!  How can an American, one that believes in American ideals believe in hidding or discouraging truth, divirting attention from the truth being examined and peverting majority (or for that matter respect for the minority whichever that party is at the time) rule. It has become, over time a greater pevertion of democracy with at its end - true facism. Will our current president postpone elections if he thinks they will not end to his liking? He has already peverted and disgraced the office of presidency. He maligns and perverts law enforcement, justice and many of the pilars of our once but no longer proud democracy. He is divisive, stokes fear and hatered, but his party in Congress has done little to nothing to stand up to this disgraceful behavior. Anyone and anything that disagrees with him or suggests that he has run afowl is instantly labled "fake" or becomes a "witch hunt". He is a farce and now his party has become a farce, taking on his own dispicable characteristics.

  • Fact Challenge

    Infrastructure does not have to be restricted to the construction industry only!  Please do not be so narrow minded and uncreative in your thinking when it comes to proposing a plan to generate job growth for our country! 

    Here is the challenge:  I cannot think of one time where cutting taxes has spurred job growth, not a single one!  Why do we hear this lie perpetuated over and over again by conservatives?  Trickle down economics has been proven NOT to work!  The government, our government must be playing an integral role in creating jobs and thereby stimulating the economy.  Any 1st year student of history or economics knows this as fact!

    If you can reference any actual historical fact where tax cuts and trickle down economics worked to turn around or stimulate a down economy please post it here!

    The children in Congress need to stop playing politics and arguing over the rhetoric instead of the facts – go ahead but let’s get this done instead of lying and cheating the American people!  Please!


  • Fools Among Us! (re-boot)

    [Orinially published 3/29/2012]
    We rely on a number of people to act honestly and fairly as our representatives in government. This is something we take for granted, but need we re-examine this faith in our individual government representation? There have always repub symbolbeen those who look to game the system, to cheat and thereby redeem some type of profitability whether monetarily or otherwise. From our elected representatives we assume a sense of fairness and honesty. In the past we’ve held these elected representatives accountable by either reelecting them in the next cycle - or not. Perhaps there must be a greater point of accountability from our elected officials since the damage they can create by breaking the trust between constituents and those that they elect can only be remedied after the fact, after any such damage is long done.

  • Govenor or Dictator?

    Governors like Walker and McDonnell want to govern by absolute decree.  They do not want to 'negotiate' or 'compromise' (nor does the Republican party nationally it seems by their own words).  Is that not what, in part the definition of what 'governing' is - compromise?

    Is this what we want from our leadership?  Is this what we want and expect of our democracy?

    repub symbolThe utter arrogance of these governors as well as the members of the state legislature is absolutely disgusting (let alone that of those holding national office).  They have a right to hold a position and voice their opinion but it is clear that they don't believe in compromise and thus in governing - only in implementing their own idea of what they want in terms of policy and legislation.

  • He Don't Look Like One?

    Scott Brown of Massachusetts. doesn't wear a white sheet or a pointy white hat.  He doesn't say things in public that are outright racist, like Jews are a scourge to society and people of color have a genetically diminished capacity for learning, but does that mean he isn't one?  Do you have to look like someone's racist perception of something to be that?  Does an American Indian have to have red or brown skin and braided hair, wear a headband with a feather and speak in broken English to be of Indian descent?  Is Barack Obama Caucasian or African American?  Is it a lie that his mother was white?  Does he not have Caucasian blood in his veins?  Is he not partially of Caucasian descent?

  • Keep On Keepin' On

    It has been very hard to keep up with the politics and general status quo these days.  There is so much fear and hate... and yes anger.  I know some wonderful Christians, Jews, Muslims, Catholics and people of most faiths but there are those that want to speak for the masses of Christians or Jews or Muslims or what have you - and they are often times loud - and I hear a message of hate and fear from them.  Sometimes those voices are more moderate but like the proverbial squeaky wheel, it is the ones that are loudest that seem to get the most attention.  Those are the ones that might cater to our base instincts, our fears, prejudices and dissonance.  I wonder, where has moderation gone?  What has happened to create a loss of intelligent, civil discourse and moderation.

  • Look Ma, No Democracy!

    Almost unlimited money in U.S. politics and a party asking political members to take an oath to the party!  Just a couple of the perversions of todays political arena. Watch Bennie's discussion of these issues and then think, please...


  • Nut F!@%#s Speak!

    Wow!  It was frightening watching and listening to the BS that was strewn about during the Republican Debate (BS session)!  Whether you feel the nut-case ideas are valid or actually nutty, the propaganda and utter lies stated (not just limited to Republicans) are astounding!  These clowns (Gingrich came up with the case that the media was participating in a conspiracy against Republicans) will say anything since they are never really challenged with factual evidence. (not that they would be capable of accepting fact that is presented that might be contrary to their BS statements)

    Rick Perry was talking about the magic Economy Tree and the magic Job Tree that he and others on the stage would employ to turn our country around.  These clowns said nothing, they speak in terms of pure rhetoric as if some of these ideas would magically create themselves and policies that have failed in the past will somehow magically work now.

    Bachmann said when President Obama took office that gas was $1.79 per gallon.  Actually if you look up gas prices you would find, "On May 11th, 2008 the average price of gas was $3.78. On Aug 6, 2008, the price of gas was $3.91, in the southern tier of NY." and if you were to average the price of gas I don't think her BS would pass the gas (smell) test.  Yet despite this, no challenge.

    Paul comes off as a fanatic but even fanatics can sound sane and reasonable from time to time.  How do you think they convince themselves and others that they are reasonable and sane?  I want to get rid of all mandates but if there are poor people in Texas then, yes the government should step in and help them out.  WTF?

  • Partisan-ism

    Gov. Christie talks BS on Meet the Press this morning, but that is his job.  That is the current definition of a "politcian" - a total lying bull **** artist!  Yes, both sides partake of the definition and prove that it is a true definition but what we hear from the right is absolutely astounding and you must assume that they believe that the electorate is so ignorant and just plain stupid! RepublicanTake for instance the fairly recent discovery from Todd Akin about the female human anatomy and how it can react to trauma such as in the case of rape. How about someone more mainstream like Sen. Kyl in Arizona while talking about Planned Parenthood he stated a less than factual (less than, does that mean it was a lie?) statement about the percentage of abortion related services they perform and then his staff releases a statement saying that his comments were "not meant to be factual" !  What complete horse hooey (crap in case you needed factual clarification) !  DemocratsThis is yet another U.S. Senator making these kinds of statements (especially) to the public. Allen West and his I have it from reliable sources that their are communists among the Democratic elected Congress.  A liar, psychotic or all three? (did he say T H R E E ?)

    This certainly may be true, the electorate can be unbelievably dense and uninformed but we have always relied on the electorate in eventually giving the country what it wants. (even though it may take a term or two, or even close to a generation in resolving this choice)

  • Putin, Putin Always Tootin'!

    This is (unfortunately) a world dictator that we have had to deal with, but how have to dealt with this horrific, monster of a human being that heads a nuclear power and in a word... "poorly"!  We have given this insane, maniacal despot credibility, stature in the rest of the civilized world, helping his dictatorial rule to continue. We have normalized dictators like him allowing them to function in a supposed civilized world, ignoring his and other barbaric despots to rule in their countries and around the world.  We have helped to elevate China's economic and political stature in the world and so we have done the same with Russia.  We have helped nurture and create the monsters that live among us and wreak their destruction of humanity and the world we share.

  • Republican's and Main Street

    It is that simple and true, when it comes down to brass tacks the Republican platform is to support big business profits and let the individual fend for themselves.  No matter how it is spun that is the bottom line.  It doesn't take a genius to see it throughout recent political history but there are legions that rationalize and through dissonance make themselves believe otherwise, to their own detriment!

    After years of proving that tax cuts to the wealthy, little or no regulation and trickle-down economics doesn't work (look what it brought us to, the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression) they still won't acknowledge it.  Look at the fairly recent vote for House bill, H.R.4173.  Not a single Republican voted for the bill.  A bill that contains regulatory constraints on financial companies.  Ohhhh, that would be so bad to make the richest people, the richest companies in the world have more ethical restraint, be bound by laws that protect the public from their predatory and reckless practices.  That would be bad, wouldn't it Republicans and those that rationalize the truth?

  • Republican's Don't Support Main Street

    It is that simple and true when it comes down to brass tacks, the Republican platform is to support big business profits and let the individual fend for themselves.  No matter how it is spun that is the bottom line.  It certainly doesn't take a genius to see it throughout recent political history, but there are legions that rationalize and through dissonance make themselves believe otherwise, to our collective detriment!

  • Republican's Want to Kill Social Security!


  • Ryan's Reality

    Candidate Paul Ryan gets pissed off by a Michigan reporter questioning him about if America has a gun and crime problem.  In his initial response before calling off the interview he talks about how to fight crime in America's inner cities by creating greater opportunities by among other things "how to teach people good discipline, good character" in the inner cities.  What?  This is the kind of talk that seeps out of Republicans mouths little by little when you listen to them talking in all the interviews they do (this is why Romney does little to no interviews) through the country.  You've heard it before although they don't really want you to think of them as thinking this way, but it is as plain as the sky is blue.

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