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"Boy, your spine is as crooked as a politician!"

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Coming from the candidate and his campaign staff has been the biggest pile of bull biscuits, possibly in the history of the Presidency of the United States!  This coming from the Romney cult - apparently the biggest bunch of liars or misled fools on the face of the earth! Goose-stepping their meaningless, imbecilic talking points over and over again. (a standard republican tactic)

So really republicans, this is the guy you chose to run as your candidate for the leader of our great country?   Really?  You'd have done better by begging Sen. McCain to run again! 

Let's get all this straight; you had NOTHING to do with Bain Capital while working with the Olympics after Feb. 1999 but you were the President, CEO and owner afterwards as noted in personally signed legal documents.  (You hack!)  So I can be CEO and President of my own corporation and file legal documents to that effect but not be responsible in any way for that corporation in any way shape or form?  (You lying hack!)  Give me a break, this is the most absurd argument I have heard in years!

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Nothing could be more truthful in today's political climate!  I think it is pretty easily assumed that most 'citizens' think of politicians in general in this way.  One can also assume that probably most constituents think fairly well about their own representative regardless of the job they are doing.  (take someone like Joe Walsh - what a horses patoout!)

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Finally, one more voice amongst those in the forest. One voice that not only sounds of reason but upon close scrutiny is sound and reasonable.  Not a voice that is only one sided and only speaks in half truths or half lies.  A voice that appears to be an honest voice, albeit conservative but a voice of the people from the right side of the room.

Nathan Fletcher leaves the GOP because he sees the party being too extreme and wrong-headed in that it is willing to not govern (negotiate and compromise for the greater public good) in order to use an issue for political advantage. 

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Video interview of former Special White House Advisor, Van Jones.

Click here to view video

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So has the Republican party finally decided that Romney is the one?  Well hold on just a second!  I think they are going to hold their collective breath and see what happens specifically in Ohio but a number of other states considered key this coming Super Tuesday.  It seems insane when you look closely (well maybe even cross-eyed) at the field of candidates.  This is the most extreme, bizzare (I would use the word queer but it has come to mean something new in todays venacular and truly ironically so) kookie field of candidates, probably ever! 

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