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This is (unfortunately) a world dictator that we have had to deal with, but how have to dealt with this horrific, monster of a human being that heads a nuclear power and in a word... "poorly"!  We have given this insane, maniacal despot credibility, stature in the rest of the civilized world, helping his dictatorial rule to continue. We have normalized dictators like him allowing them to function in a supposed civilized world, ignoring his and other barbaric despots to rule in their countries and around the world.  We have helped to elevate China's economic and political stature in the world and so we have done the same with Russia.  We have helped nurture and create the monsters that live among us and wreak their destruction of humanity and the world we share.

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#4 Trumper 2022-09-07 17:15
Putin is disgusting but the West should have never forced his hand by using NATO to surround the Russian south western border! You allowed this overly narcissistic dictator a contrived excuse to create all this suffering!
#3 Lying Larry 2022-06-04 15:51
It's incredible what a fascist, Nazi Putin and his government are! Are the Russian people that afraid of Putin and his gestapo government or are they that stupid?

The propaganda is as if from a grade schooler and is so transparent. Putin invades another sovereign nation saying he is liberating it from Nazi's? He is the Nazi invader doing as Hitler did in the 40's. Punish the Russian state,(massive sanctions) it is unfortunate but must be done. The people of Russia will suffer it is unfortunate. Let China and Iran support them.
#2 Slim Pickin's 2022-04-19 10:03
History is repeating itself, Putin is another Hitler. He is just like all the other dictators past and present and the people of Russia are as guilty as he is.

No doubt that some innocent people in Russia will suffer or worse but this cannot be allowed by the rest of the so called civilized world! Sanctions, hard, fast and extreme... the biggest problem with that is that those in power to do so are dictated by the greed of the so called democratic plutocrats and oligarchy.
#1 Benny Frankman 2022-04-14 15:38
Putin is and always has been a liar, he is a dictator and that's what dictators do. We have our own brand of would-be dictators but he is truly a monster. He is what he says he is supposedly fighting, a Nazi
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