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[Orinially published 3/29/2012]
We rely on a number of people to act honestly and fairly as our representatives in government. This is something we take for granted, but need we re-examine this faith in our individual government representation? There have always repub symbolbeen those who look to game the system, to cheat and thereby redeem some type of profitability whether monetarily or otherwise. From our elected representatives we assume a sense of fairness and honesty. In the past we’ve held these elected representatives accountable by either reelecting them in the next cycle - or not. Perhaps there must be a greater point of accountability from our elected officials since the damage they can create by breaking the trust between constituents and those that they elect can only be remedied after the fact, after any such damage is long done.

I think that virtually all Americans would suggest to you if asked, that politicians, even those that they themselves have voted for are liars in general. Politicians will misrepresent, slant or omit certain facts in order to move forward their ideas or policy agendas. For the common man or woman, the constituents, this is an abomination of their trust. Their sacred right as an American to cast a vote and elect representatives of the majority is being dishonored by many of those same elected officials.

Most notably since the Reagan administration, accountability has become less (if ever it was) a virtuedem-logo in politics and society in general.  This is part of the then new mantra, blame government, that vague, general boogie-man for all the ills of society and America.  "It’s not me, not because I lied and deceived the masses of the electorate.  It could never be my responsibility because… because it is the governments fault (even though I am a part of that same government)."

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#2 Lying Larry 2020-07-05 09:29
We the people are the fools for having allowed a republican represented congress to be elected! The republicans in office have become total authoritarians, fascists and like their president what they name call others, but in fact it is what they are. Liars, crooks and the most anti-american, goose stepping criminals we have seen in office in a long time. It isn't that they are communists or fascists or gay or liberal or conservative, but it is their actions. Their blind support of the idiot in office and their willingness to ignore the upholding of law and decency. They don't care about fair play. The rules are nothing, they can be ignored or manipulated to serve their own corrupt desires.

We need help! Get these malignant elected officials out of office and at least get those that are willing to uphold the standards of a democratic, law abiding america.
#1 Benny Frankman 2020-06-15 09:09
How perfect a opinion about liars on a site dedicated to liars and what they lie about!

Our politicians have turned into lying [****]s and [****]s! That simple, period!
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