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(Originally published 2-18-2012) Irregardless of the stock market (yet another scam on the working class) or the current state of political discourse.  Well it is obvious to most real thinking people that are willing to look at truth as opposed to a rationalized 'truth' that strokes their own narrow perception of the world!

DemocratsOur Congress has shown the world that they are perfectly willing to not govern as a democratic body and will (as stated in public by a number of Senators and House Reps, like Mr. McConnell) not only hold the American public hostage but will extort them through minority rule, in a non-democratic fashion from now on and that their only purpose or number one goal is to defeat the opposition party incumbent! 

This of course, would be far more important and to this group, this affiliation, this political party is in fact far more important than governing the country and taking care of its citizens.

Thank you nut cases (and those idiots that helped elect them to office) in Congress and the (new) Republican partyrepub symbol for spotlighting an air of distrust, dishonesty and corruption in governing the worlds greatest democracy.

(to be continued...)

(Update 9-10-2017)  We see a continuation of this issue in today’s Congress. A splintered Republican party, a Democratic party that is adrift, wandering aimlessly trying to find what it stands for all the while a federal government barreling down the road as if there is no driver.  Yet there is an agenda but one that will never benefit the masses. One that will serve the corporate and wealthiest masters that have helped unleash what we now must endure on its citizenry!

We need true leadership where we now have weak leadership (and that is being kind). We need bold approaches to legislating forward in order to right the ship from the abuse and wrongs of its recent past.

(once again, to be continued...)

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