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Let us look at a current definition of our United States Congress and its members;

U.S. Congress  noun, kän-?gres

  1. A ludicrous or bumbling person; a fool. (see; buffoon)
  2. A clown; a jester: a court buffoon.

... let's not go any further, since there is really no need!  I believe the American public thinks of the current Congress in these terms.  They are acting like children for one and beyond that they have proven that they are not capable of governing. (not governing is a plank of the GOP, so this is nothing new for them and being moronic is easily a trait of the Democratic party)

Creating a crisis, especially during these difficult times is unconscionable.  Ignoring the consequences and acting so utterly irresponsible is quite frankly dumbfounding!

The court jesters reign over the United States government - help, please!


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#1 JD 2012-05-27 09:47
This is an angry inditement of the American political class and unfortunately one that is fair and accurate.
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