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Wow!  It was frightening watching and listening to the BS that was strewn about during the Republican Debate (BS session)!  Whether you feel the nut-case ideas are valid or actually nutty, the propaganda and utter lies stated (not just limited to Republicans) are astounding!  These clowns (Gingrich came up with the case that the media was participating in a conspiracy against Republicans) will say anything since they are never really challenged with factual evidence. (not that they would be capable of accepting fact that is presented that might be contrary to their BS statements)

Rick Perry was talking about the magic Economy Tree and the magic Job Tree that he and others on the stage would employ to turn our country around.  These clowns said nothing, they speak in terms of pure rhetoric as if some of these ideas would magically create themselves and policies that have failed in the past will somehow magically work now.

Bachmann said when President Obama took office that gas was $1.79 per gallon.  Actually if you look up gas prices you would find, "On May 11th, 2008 the average price of gas was $3.78. On Aug 6, 2008, the price of gas was $3.91, in the southern tier of NY." and if you were to average the price of gas I don't think her BS would pass the gas (smell) test.  Yet despite this, no challenge.

Paul comes off as a fanatic but even fanatics can sound sane and reasonable from time to time.  How do you think they convince themselves and others that they are reasonable and sane?  I want to get rid of all mandates but if there are poor people in Texas then, yes the government should step in and help them out.  WTF?

  Cain wants us to adopt the Chilean Pension model. After 20 years of 10% of their earnings contribution retirees are expected to receive 25% of their annual income, which nationally averages 6,000 per year.  Hmm, sounds like folks might have a problem living on 1500 per year, no?

Perry claims that Carl Rove has been "over the top" for years!  What?  I guess he would know "over the top" wouldn't he?  Oh yeah, how about comparing those that don't believe in global warming to Galileo?  WTF?  Wasn't it the Church that accused Galileo of heresy for his scientific ideas?  Doh!

Instead of offering to fix Social Security none of them have offered a real, substantive solution to make it work other than gutting it and changing the actual core idea of the system and privatizing it. 

Lots and lots of talk about Big Government and how they need to make it small or practically non-existent and yet they want government like the Dept. of Homeland Security and Air Traffic Control and to have government to force children to be inoculated and National Guard troops or Border Patrol Officers to secure the borders, but yet they want to get rid of government Education programs and any kind of government healthcare services and Social Security (contrary to their dog-whistled, code-worded rhetoric).  Nuts!

Hey why isn't someone that sounds reasonable and sane like Buddy Roemer allowed to participate in a Republican debate like this?  (I think because the fanatics and nutcases are running the show these days!)

 Wow, one certain truth was Huntsman saying that he will pledge to not make any pledge other than to his wife and to his country.  Hallelujah, something sane!

But getting back to the juxt of things, Tea Party kowtowing, kiss-asses!  Take for instance reverting back to the Scopes Monkey trial thinking... climate change is not scientifically proven yet... Rick Perry, Michelle Bachmann what idiots!  (the world is flat, is only 6,000 years old and America should become a theocracy!)

Gingrich again, magically put 3 million people back to work to generate revenue, wow!  (the magic Job Tree again I suppose!) Really smart guy!

Romney implies (and would certainly deny this) that the richest people paying little or no taxes and the poorest of people are unfairly not paying taxes but that we should ignore them and focus on the middle class.  Hmm, sounds pretty fricked up to me.

Are these the same people that ranted about the 'Death Squads' of the healthcare bill?  Are they the same folks that screamed that the debt ceiling could not and should not possibly be raised?  Are they the same baffoons that carry on about the Harry Potter novels when they were first published and that they were surely Satanical and the author was obviously evil intentioned?  Are they the cranks (including those elected officials in office) that suspected or believe the President was not born in the United States and thereby ineligible to hold his office?

What the hell is wrong with people, in most cases I suspect good, decent people but either so ignorant or incapable of processing fact and truth that they act as if they are running around with their hair on fire?  Is this what we have come to, uneducated, unintellectual, sheep like masses that will get all frothed up, bothered and in a tizzy about anything really!  (i.e., Harry Potter books, global warming, the healthcare bill, Obama's birthplace, peoples constitutional rights let alone their human rights whether they are gay, straight, black, brown, blue or even stupid)

There is nothing wrong with having conservative views and ideas, but if you have to revert to deceit, fabrications (lies!) and other shenanigans then you have no valid case for your view.  If on the otherhand you have theory, opinion and even at times, fact, then fine, argue your case openly, honestly and factually.  The same goes for liberal views.  If you cannot defend your position with truthful, factual and honest information then you don't have a leg to stand on!  But still the crap continues (because it can?)!

What we have seen for the last several decades is just that a bunch bull ****ting politicians and political operatives (including and more recently corporate fat cat interests).

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