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A great day moving from a bitter, hate filled, divisive leadership to a new hopeful (hopefully) far better leadership. At home watching the inauguration on TV, I stood during the singing of ‘The Star Spangled Banner’ because I am proud to be an American, but I am [also] an embarrassed and ashamed American.  Ashamed at too much of our leadership that has acted in disgrace, even criminally but most certainly in the most shameful, self-serving manner instead of in the best interest of our country and its citizenry.  This is not merely a result of the last presidency but a culmination in the last several decades of the radicalization of a political party that gave way to the criminal, autocratic want to be, at times psychotic former presidency.

The lack of law and order, the willingness to subvert or ignore the letter of the law is an affront to every decent, law abiding American. Not only is democracy at risk but justice is also threatened by the very corruption of democratic values.  The surrender of the same justice for ALL, not one justice for rich white folks or the politically connected and another for people of color and yet another for the rest is something that must be corrected – and everyone knows it!

Who will finally be held accountable?  Unfortunately I am not hopeful that the right thing will be done with regards to holding those responsible accountable for their deeds and actions. Words have consequences, democratic laws are only meaningful if they are fairly and evenly upheld and justice dispensed in the same manner.

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#2 Lying Larry 2021-01-20 18:41
I agree with Benny, the Republican party should now be considered defunct! I cannot figure out how and [any] respectable conservative could be a part of that party now. The party has gone off the rails!

#1 Benny Frankman 2021-01-20 12:35
The party you refer to has become not just the party of authoritarianis m but the party of hate and racism, the party that will do anything to stay in power and the party of greed!

The republican party has destroyed itself. Where do they go from here? I bet they will try to resurrect themselves which hardly seems possible.
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