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The party now stands for Anti-Democratic (at best) policies and not to just diminish but completelyy ignore the rule of law, the US Constitution and any sembelance of decency.  They are the believers that the world is flat and my dog ate my homework. They and their believers are void of honesty and ethics, I am sure that they fully believe in the lies, misinformation and utter propoganda that continues to be fed to and by them.

There are two major parties in the United States, the Democrats and the Republicans who are now the party of Anti-Democratic ideals. This is a national embarrasment and one of international shame.

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#1 Benny Frankman 2022-05-26 14:34
Not just the party of anti-democracti c ideas, but the party of racists, bigots, white nationalists (white supremacists), homophobic, misogynistic, xenophobic and general haters! This is a party that believes in and promotes authoritarianis m. They love their crackpot leaders that heap praise on despots and dictators and talk about how they want the same fascist, authoritarian rule here in the US!

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