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Watching the U.S. Presidential debate is astounding. As we listen to a confirmed, documented, habitual liar say or make any claim, particularly about his opponent is buffoonery at its apex! We have an embarrassment for our current administration and this debate is a beacon of light shone brightly on its corruption, nepotism, dysfunction and utter incompetence. One party that is happily condoning, encouraging and fully supporting the embarrassment described above.  What's up with that? (should the constituents take action at the polls - if they are able to get to the polls or make their individual vote count without being obstructed in one form or another from being able to vote or have their vote count)

As I listen to the audio of this debate I cannot help but think that the President sounds like a baffoon or moron!  How can it be t hat we have this fool as the leader of our country? A country at risk because of the extremism of authoritarianism from one party (both parties are far too corrupt).

I would say more but it the display of absurdity and foolishness is beyond the pale!

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