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Where are you? Did you know there is an ongoing national emergency?  People (obviously those not like you and your friends) are desperate, struggling and in dire need.  WTF?  You don't seem to really care about ordinary working people (other than their vote)! Your rhetoric is pitiful and empty in the end - just excuses like those of small children caught in a lie or of wrong doing!

I just watched Marco Rubio on Face the Nation and he said absolutely nothing! No plan, no policy, only when he finally did address the issue itself he made vague, ambiguous generalities like his other party colleagues... nothing!  It is amazing that Republican constituents don't demand honest, actual policy and legislation from their representatives!

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#1 Lying Larry 2020-08-08 10:22
Of course the Republican's that control the Senate have done nothing in advance of the last stimulus expiring! They are a disgrace lead by M. McConnell certainly one of the most despicable, hypocritical politicians of all time!

As the people of the United States suffer and die the "play" of politics as usual!

[****] off congress!
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