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So now it is complete, the Republican Congress and Republican President are now completely devoid of humanity and now a fully authoritarian, fascist, racist, xenophobic, hate based party that has almost single handedly (the Democrats are complicit in this too) destroyed the American model of democracy. The current president fancies himself as an all-powerful, fascist, dictator who is a narcissistic sociopath, lacking empathy, void of intelligence, common sense, who compulsively lies and threatens everyone and anyone who might appear to oppose him.

In the shadow of police brutality and the ensuing protests, the crackdown on free speech and the right to assemble to protest the fascist extremism of our government we must work to return to a better democracy or risk falling into a fascist, authoritarian dictatorship.

My anger is so complete! I am angry at my government who has abandoned its citizens and a willingness or a willingness of apathy by a large enough minority to allow the perversion of our democracy and the rule of law. Government for and by the people, not "government is the problem" you ****es!  If you bought into that propaganda you helped get us to where we are today. It should be a frightening place to most people!

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