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If you were going to play a game of baseball or basketball, perhaps a game of football or tennis and before you actually started to play the game the referee's announced they were not going to be impartial and they would in fact collude with the opposing team!  WTF?

By any stretch of the imagination, the above definition would lead one to conclude that Mitch McConnell is a horse’s patoot!

Now we have politician's (really anyone) asking why the House of Representatives in Congress doesn't want to send the articles of impeachment over to the Senate?  Really, is the public that stupid or do our politicians just think that is the case?

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#1 Lying Larry 2019-12-27 18:17
Beside a horse's ass Mr. McConnell is a hateful, vile, adolescent fool. He also epitomizes much of what the Republican party (most of politics in general too!) has become.

This is part of his vendetta against the Democrats after the whole Bork affair! What an utterly embarrassing legacy [for] this "guy".

Sad, corrupt government(s)
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