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Let's face it, our political system is one big mess!  Conflicts of interest are just the tip of the iceberg - not that that is anything new.  It's just that it has become a problem again along with the level of discouse, the unashamed, unabashed, unadultrated lying by our political leaders, the authoritarian leanings of our Congress and a general lack of integrity - the likes we've haven't seen in quite some time now. 

Most are saying, "let's wait and see what happens with this new administration" but it will be no surprise as to what is going to happen. Perhaps the specific details are yet to be observed but the general sense that things will come unhinged seems to be a sure thing.

Until "the people" demand that their political leaders (to start with) must have integrity, display honesty and work for their constituency we are doomed to fail. There are enough "people" that want and see what is required but I fear that we as a people will suffer before anything is done. Let's hope it ain't too late...

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#2 Billy-bong 2017-05-13 11:07
Our US Congress is despicable! They are lying, hacks that are only interested in their own personal best interests. They are corrupt at best! The masses should be disgusted with almost every single one of our elected officials, but alas too many of the masses are stupid, ignorant, moronic, fools! A product, in part of our elected leadership which is happy to have the masses dumbed down, stupid and placid.
#1 Lying Larry 2017-03-25 15:31
Too bad, but "the people" won't change until they are lead by example and the current examples as you have described above over the last couple of decades is one that sucks [****]! In otherwords our examples of leadership are crappy at best. We have leaders showing us that lying, bull [****]ting and being deceitful works for them so why not live your life that way too! Screw my neighbor I'll take as much as I can while I can and [****] everyone else!
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