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The power given to some conservative governor’s to appoint “emergency managers” is one of the most insidious and anti-democratic.  Not only is it un-democratic, but it is  the way in which republican Michigan legislators usurped voter majority after having emergency manager legislation defeated by voters - they presented a new bill that they made sure could not be in essence defeated by public vote.  They did this by presenting the new bill which would reinstate emergency managers but they also added a small fiscal appropriations which in effect makes the new legislation “voter proof”! (spending bills cannot be vetoed by public vote)

When any group or party is willing to do anything to gain power and force their agenda over in this case, the majority is nothing short of anti-democratic.  I was first made aware of emergency manager laws after hearing of it being implement a number of years ago in Benton Harbor, Michigan.  In Benton Harbor the city had been donated a desirable parcel of land in which a group wanted to also take ownership of the land to build an exclusive private golf course.  Well in the end after the city was taken over via the emergency manager laws, that parcel of land ended up in the possession of a developer. Benton Harbor supposedly received in fair return land of equal value and size.  Well that land was scattered about and turns out was contaminated with industrial chemicals.  Sounds fair… no I don’t think so…

Why in the world would anyone support these anti-democratic actions?

Speaking of anti-democratic actions. The Democrats have a doozie in the form of Super Delegates - a part of the Presidential Primary process.  When, if ever will voters say enough and reverse these wholly anti-democratic laws?

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#1 Hippo Crit-ter 2016-03-18 13:53
My favorite hypocrisy here is that Gov. Synder and his fellow republicans enact emergency manager laws because they believe states should have the right to govern themselves without federal interference. But as soon as the [****] hits the fan and something goes wrong, suddenly it is the federal government and federal agencies that are to blame! Not the asinine state governor and his dictatorially appointed emergency manager (that reports solely to the governor)! That is the problem with politics in general and the republicans specifically!
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