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Has the Republican Party gone off the deep end?  Oh brother, what a question!  They are exactly what they rail against regarding extreme Islam, their hate of public establishments and the like. They are the anti-Christ incarnate. The utter hypocrisy with which they argue is totally astounding.  Without even considering the religious right piece of this which is truly unbelievable in itself, you have a party platform that is a throw-back to the turn of the century from the 1900's!

This 2012 platform is full of buzzwords regarding family values, the American dream and other freedom sounding malarkey! When in fact if you read a little deeper it is full of hate speech, bigotry, divisive politics and most importantly fanaticism.  This is the platform of the party of extremists.  What they are preaching is Republican Sharia law. They want the most extreme law to replace our democratic system to suit a certain viewpoint or ideology (like that of Tony Perkins and other similar nut ****s).

Just having conservative ideals is not acceptable to this goose-stepping, rabid bunch of nuts!  Maybe my speech is too ill tempered and unfair.  Is Todd Akin's belief in "legitimate rape" not crazy? He believed that women can physiologically deter pregnancy in the case of what he called "legitimate rape"!  How about Michelle Bachmann and her imbecilic rants, or Sarah Palin, Allen West, Joe Walsh, Paul Broun to name some of the nuttiest ones... I could go on but what is the point? There are incredibly so many kook remarks by elected Republican party members that you cannot help but think they have completely fallen off the edge. Seemingly the public's perception of the party is slow in catching up with reality since the crazy rhetoric is unbelievably to date widely accepted! 

What?  I know it sounds insane but the loud minority has yet to disavow the platform or many of the crazies in the party. These are the things that candidate Romney and others in the party are campaigning on. 

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+1 #2 Benny 2012-11-17 11:04
I see no sign that the right is going to change much. A few of the guys in office are talking like they make sense but a couple of months ago they were on the band wagon with all the other crazies!

You can't trust any politician but you really can't trust the nuts on the right!
#1 Dizzy 2012-10-25 15:17
Crazy, here is one example: Richard Mourdock won't back down from his remarks that something like, "God might intend for a woman to be raped". He also blames the Democrat's for making it sound so bad, but he stands by his statement! WTF? This is the [****]ing insanity of the Repubs! I said [it] but even though they [the other guys] report it verbatim it is their fault it sounds so bad! How about you Repub [****]s taking personal responsibility for your own dumb ass statements?

To make it worse, Romeny's campaign denounces the remarks but they "still" support Mourdock. This is the kind of crazy ass [****] that makes only the dumbest, craziest of the fanaticall right wingers stick with the party. Which crazy enough seems to be growing. That is a testament to the growing stupidity in this country or that enough of the nuts on the right have taken over the party!
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