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Mitt Romney hints (wrongly - again) that President Obama the day after the embassy attack in Libya only was interested in campaigning for the next election.  But what he didn't say was what President Obama did say in referring to the attack as terrorism the very next day in the White House rose garden.  This, in my opinion shows us the true character of Mitt Romney. When arguing with Candy Crowley over debate protocol that he agreed to in advance shows us the true character of the man.  After being corrected about being factually wrong about the President's words the day after the Libya embassy attack and not being able to concede the fact is a real display of a lack of character on Mitt Romney's part.

He is not a socialist, not a communist, he is not a foreign national and not a secret Muslim.  He is just a man, a very rich, privileged man that expects to get his way (most likely because of his money and from being so sheltered and out of touch his entire life).  And that is a picture of a man with little to no redeeming character. 

That is why I won't vote [for] him and will vote for President Obama!  Character does count.

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