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I am loving how the pundits are placing so much emphasis on the debates.  Does anyone really think that the majority of "thinking" Americans have not yet either decided on Obama or on Romney?  Yes, it could be that the fate of our highest elected official will lie in the hands of those "undecided" or "independent" voters in a handful of "swing" states.  This is what our democratic system has come to, a few hillbillies - let's make it difficult if not outright impossible for those that lean towards democratic voting, the righteous right - the earth is 6,000 years old, when acts of legitimate rape occur the female body has ways to thwart being impregnated and I don't believe in evolution states and individuals labeled as undecided and independents that inhabit those areas to decide who should be the next leader of the free world!

I suppose I'm making a much larger issue out of this because people could just choose to self-deport or ask their parents for the money to make things workable in their lives.  The government is too big (what the **** does that mean anyway?) and there are too many regulations, even though those regulations impose a greater burden on the working poor and middle class while giving an edge and obvious breaks to the wealthy elite.  Oh yeah they are those job creators, is that like the creator of heaven and earth?  I think they see themselves in that way so let's do get rid of all those pesky regulations entirely. That is about as in touch as me saying (over and over, not just a slip of the tongue) that "I'm not good at sport" and "do you like sport?" or "binders of women" and "that chocolaty thingie" (which was a ****ing doughnut!) and "corporations ARE people my friend!".  But then you don't need to make sense let alone tell the truth especially these days in politics. 

People are so very weary of all the crap and gutter thinking that goes on in politics today.  All politics!  But until the voter can wield a larger weapon it just doesn't seem like it is going to change.  The overbearing reach of corporate power (money) into our politics is a danger that has been warned against over and over throughout our miniscule history but yet those warnings seem to be going unheaded by and large.  Hopefully it is still not too late...

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#1 Gabriel 2012-10-18 08:12
Some peoples talk about the end of times, well it won't be a end that their God brings. It will be because of man's inhumanity to man, man's stupidity and willing to be stupid in the future. People want to believe in religion but also let religion to tell them to be stupid. Not just religion peoples but selfish peoples. For the peoples that are religious why are some selfish? Does their religion teach them that selfish is good?
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