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Candidate Paul Ryan gets pissed off by a Michigan reporter questioning him about if America has a gun and crime problem.  In his initial response before calling off the interview he talks about how to fight crime in America's inner cities by creating greater opportunities by among other things "how to teach people good discipline, good character" in the inner cities.  What?  This is the kind of talk that seeps out of Republicans mouths little by little when you listen to them talking in all the interviews they do (this is why Romney does little to no interviews) through the country.  You've heard it before although they don't really want you to think of them as thinking this way, but it is as plain as the sky is blue.

Poor people lack discipline and good character. 

It's the 47% speech again and again. It is not just the nuts on the right like Akin, West, Backman, Broun and (all to many) others.  It is people like Paul Ryan who are extremists in sheep's clothing.  If you just look for the facts and not let your partisan-ism sway your vision you can see that Ryan believes in some of the most extreme things for this country.  Just take personhood legislation - Ryan is all for it, when a back country, conservative state like Mississippi even rejected the legislation when put to a vote fairly recently!

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#1 Dan Bury 2012-10-12 17:02
How about Ryan's debate performance and explination of he and Romney's tax plan! What a crock of [****]! He is lying when he says that the tax cuts are paid for because THEY ARE NOT! This lying [****] wants us to believe that through a miracle he and his running mate will get congress to come up with the necessary cuts and those WON"T include certain social programs that the America public happen to like but republican'ts don't! He and Romney believe the public is stupid. If they vote for the republicans then I guess they are pretty damn stupid!
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