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Scott Brown of Massachusetts. doesn't wear a white sheet or a pointy white hat.  He doesn't say things in public that are outright racist, like Jews are a scourge to society and people of color have a genetically diminished capacity for learning, but does that mean he isn't one?  Do you have to look like someone's racist perception of something to be that?  Does an American Indian have to have red or brown skin and braided hair, wear a headband with a feather and speak in broken English to be of Indian descent?  Is Barack Obama Caucasian or African American?  Is it a lie that his mother was white?  Does he not have Caucasian blood in his veins?  Is he not partially of Caucasian descent?

Is Scott Brown a moronic racist?  That does appeal to a number of people but will it appeal to the majority of voters in the state of Massachusetts?

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#3 Rarah -Sacist- Ralin 2012-10-26 15:54
It's not that I'm a racist when I refered to President Obama in a tweet with the term "shuck 'n' jive" it's just that I'm a dumb, ignorant, christian extremist, fanatic moron. Hey that kind of makes me and Mitt similar, we are both moron's (but I'm for real because everyone knows Mitt's moron-ism isn't real like my christian moron-ism. Sorry Mitt!)
#2 Rev. Black 2012-10-08 19:34
Unfortunately for all us American's the right is full of racists and in particular the last several elections have shown' us a very ugly side of American society. I have not in my lifetime or can I remember such hatred and deception peddled through those claiming to be the most faithful among us.

We need an awakening among the faithful, who I believe have a majority of righteous thinkers but who need to come alive and preach the truth against the minority who claim to be righteous but in truth are the anti-religious.
#1 Shuck n Jive 2012-10-05 13:52
How about Romney surrogate Sununu? I wonder if he still wears a pointy white hood?