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Bi-Partisan HandshakeYes, let's do more stupid talk. So most Republican politicians and pundits acknowledge that President Obama was handed a very bad economy when he took office. But then they go on to say that he has had three years to affect our economy and has done a terrible job. They continue, President Obama's policies have failed. What all Republicans fail to acknowledge is the fact that president Obama has been unable to affect virtually any policy because in his first year we had a Senate that ruled by minority rule-invoking an unprecedented number of filibusters to block legislation that would've enacted the incumbent President's “policies”. In the remaining two years after Republicans took control of the House of Representatives.

They have done little to nothing to address real economic problems in the economy in the United States. Instead focusing on mainly social issues and partisan legislation aimed at giving the Republican Party an advantage over the president and the Democratic Party by, if nothing else, causing the economy to stagnate or worsen.

This is not governing but yet this is how the Republicans, time and time again have decided to wield their political power. (it seems obvious that they believe this is their best formula for winning power and control) Quite frankly, these are children throwing a tantrum, holding their breath and stomping their feet. As a group, this party has failed the American people and in particular their constituency, which unfortunately seems to be willing to go along, not with Republican Party policy but with Republican Party faith. The party has become a party based on faith and belief, not on fact and policy. Even those in the party that might otherwise adhere to some semblance of reason, now cower in fear that they might be challenged in the next election by the fringe, fanatical, extremists that have taken over the party.

So when you start to talk about governing and policy at the very least, be honest (as difficult as that might be) and ask yourself how President Obama's policy's really been enacted? In my opinion and on a sane person can't actually say yes. But there seems to be little sanity in today's politics and many politicians.

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#1 RightGuy 2012-08-26 14:01
Hey, Obama has had three years to change things and he hasn't done a damn thing! It is time for a change and that's why he should be thrown out!
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