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Or I should say, I'm back.  I am back from the land of utter disgust, disdain, disappointment and some despair.  U.S. politics is in the gutter, has been for a time but is getting worse seemingly all the time.  Is this a reflection of the world's society?  Maybe Democratic Partybut it is definitely a U.S. phenomena that is about to take a great turn depending on the free and open (ah, well somewhat open) elections the greatest country in the world is so well known for.  Bull biscuits!  The fanaticism of the extremists in the United States has reached a fever pitch and we will see what the public, in part and the divisive, manipulating partisan political machine will decide in the next election.


I haven't been around, well that's not exactly true - I haven't been inclined to post here because the lies are so bold, so atrocious that it has been difficult to address anything with all the utter trash that is spewed by, of all things our nations leaders.  Republican PartyThese are people that are supposed to be (people used to want their leaders to be intelligent anyway) smart, balanced, thoughtful and hopefully honest.  We have the exact opposite and there are some or should I say many that happily cheer on ignorance.  Psychotic, deceitful, fanatical extremism based on anything but fact is cheered and held up high, especially that which opposes intellectual... anything!  Un-educate is the veiled mantra of the right and the left will concede to it as they themselves swing further to the right riding the century (or so) pendulum.

It is something to witness and another thing to be stuck right in the middle of.  One’s anxiety over the fate of all of the citizens of their country is only exacerbated by the silly, stupid (sorry I should have said ignorant because stupid is lacking the capacity and ignorance is refusing to allow oneself to know or being willfully unaware) deceitful rhetoric we hear every day from the gutter, slime slingers that prefer to be called our elected officials. 

We, the people are most at fault in my opinion but by monopolizing how and if we get truthful information the scum slingers manipulate the public and keep their kingdom of lies, deceit and unfortunately riches and power.

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