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First off, I can't get a sale price unless I use their new app (wonder what the app asks to have access to on my Smart Phone? (Contacts?) Second the app is getting really crappy reviews, people complaining how dysfunctional and difficult it is to use, features and functions not working properly!  Forget it! I'm giving up on Smart & Final, no more shopping there unless it's an emergency or I need a bag of ice or something!  Kiss my ass Smart & Final! I'm boycotting the chain of stores becuase their executive management is full of greedy fat cat pigs! The worst customer experience equals no customer in my case!

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#2 Lying Larry 2022-01-27 09:45
It feels like we are experiencing all kinds of subtle greed and maybe even not so subtle in every part of our lives. I think this S&F one is just an example. Sure we all want more profit and more money but there have to be some lines we decide not to cross. Those lines don't exist now. With all the religious beliefs that are thrown around in public (I think religious beliefs should remain private) if feels like there is little if any morality and little sense of ethics now more than ever. It is a sad state.
#1 Slim Pickin's 2022-01-16 10:28
The app function is terrible and unreliable plus I agree I resent that I "must" use the app to get the coupon discount. Screw you exec's at S&F!
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