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Infrastructure does not have to be restricted to the construction industry only!  Please do not be so narrow minded and uncreative in your thinking when it comes to proposing a plan to generate job growth for our country! 

Here is the challenge:  I cannot think of one time where cutting taxes has spurred job growth, not a single one!  Why do we hear this lie perpetuated over and over again by conservatives?  Trickle down economics has been proven NOT to work!  The government, our government must be playing an integral role in creating jobs and thereby stimulating the economy.  Any 1st year student of history or economics knows this as fact!

If you can reference any actual historical fact where tax cuts and trickle down economics worked to turn around or stimulate a down economy please post it here!

The children in Congress need to stop playing politics and arguing over the rhetoric instead of the facts – go ahead but let’s get this done instead of lying and cheating the American people!  Please!


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#2 Poor Richard 2013-02-26 13:11
The poor are not exclusively ignorant or stupid but they certainly have less opportunity to rise above ignorance. People of means and education can be pretty darn stupid (and selfish) as can be seen by our more recent and current government (on all levels, local, state and federal)

Just look at some of the moronic hacks presiding over the Surpreme Court. Unfortuantely the is little to no accountability and certainly far less justice in the broadest sense.
#1 Shelly J. 2012-05-15 08:40
Politicians and conservative pundunts are at it again, telling anyone that will allow them to speak that we need less or no regulation and their new form of trickle-down economics will work. Even in the face of both of these proving false and disasterous to America. WTF is wrong with people of lessor means going along with this? It could not be worse for those people and only helps the wealthiest!
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