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Check out this video and then also review what and why large corporations like Monsanto are genetically modifying plants, seeds and other living food products.  See if you can look past the advertising hype that "this is only about creating more food for an increasingly more hungry world" line. 



Monsanto are the people that brought GM seeds to places like India.  Basically they have taken a strangle hold on the seed market and even sue individual farmers that want to farm using renewable crops.  Monsanto does not seem to what to stand for that at all!  No sir, they sue farmers for infringing on their patents when a farmer plants seed gathered from a previous (originally Monsanto sold seed) crop.  Non renewable means more profit for Monsanto!

View the link below for more details on the poor Indian farmers having to buy from Monsanto:



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#2 Slim Jim 2015-05-10 09:54
Supposed studies say that there is no nutritional advantage from organic grown crops over other crops - except that it is always noted and usually in the most innocuous, back on page 10 kind of way that "oh yeah, there might be some advantage that organic grown foods might have no pesticide residue compared to regularly grown crops".

Gee, that little gem might just be the difference between healthy food and not so healthy food. They usually forget to mention in the past pesticides and heavy metals were proven to have cause things like birth defects after exposure to them through food sources.

One of the sources that down played the pesticide and heavy metal part of this was a University of Stanford study. I wonder where the money for that study came from and what does it say about the integrity of our most prestigious educational institutions?
#1 Fatty 2014-11-27 09:36
Corporate food giants want you to believe that organic farming is not sustainable, not true! A 30 year study done in the U.S. shows that organic farming is just as productive and obviously sustainable whereas it isn't the case with GMO because for one thing it destroys the soil it is planted in by contaminating it!

[****] off corporate farming!
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