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330px The Bank Dick 1940 poster Style CW.C. Fields did a movie where he portrayed a bank guard as a bumbling, hapless, stumbling buffoon.  The bank gets robbed and the bumbling bank guard accidently averts the robbering earning  himself graditude, admiration and more importantly a reward.

Being self employed I have to pay my taxes quarterly and have to make sure my bank account where the funds are electronically extracted from by the government has sufficent amounts.  

I write a business check to deposit in my personal account where the funds are drawn by the government as previously described.  This year my personal bank wanted to place a hold on the check being deposited so I asked if I could get a bank check, a cashiers check drawn from the business bank to avoid the hold.(I seem to wait till the last minute to make these funds available in my personal account every year and thus the mad house rush to make funds available)  To my amazement my bank would not make a depost from a bank check available immediately!  "This is the same as a corporate check", they said.  "Our policy is to put holds on certain types of deposits." 

Wow, these bank shits don't trust the other lying bank shits anymore!  That certainly paints a pretty sad picture of todays banking industry doesn't it.  They don't even trust one another any longer.  Which begs the question, should the public be trusting the banks?   Any bank?

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#4 Bang 2012-05-15 08:34
Yeah, when these guys get caught or really screwup on the [****] they just retire with a huge benefits package instead of getting fired or going to jail!
#3 J.Larry 2012-05-14 08:38
This is just dumb, Diamond is a crook and the people that work for him are the same!
#2 Joe Public 2012-05-13 12:02
The latest fiasco with I think it was JP Morgan and the big cheese there, Mr. Diamond shows us that these greedy, lying [****]s have not learned one thing other than how to steal from and cheat the general public! Our politicians at the very, very least facilitate these god damn crooks and more likely are profiting from the big banks treachery! They all need to go to hell!
#1 WC Fields 2012-05-12 23:30
Bankers have always had a dubious reputation and now we can look at them just like we do many doctors, lawyers and insurance exec's!