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The pundits, news media commentators, journalists, many Democrats and most Republicans cannot accept the 'fact' of the Occupy Wall Street protests.  They are unable to admit that this is truly a grass-roots movement and the fact that it is the people exercising their constitutional right to free speech.  It is a portrayal of the dismal propoganda and dissonace thinking that the media and politicians engage in to suit their own aims and those of the money changes that have bought and control them. 

They say the Occupy Wall Street protests are this or that or are not this or lacking that.  Bull****!  We have one party that is goose-stepping its main agenda and that is win at any cost, even at the expense of the American public.  Both parties are bought and paid for and their corporate, special interest masters control them completely. 

I say listen, listen to the majority not the wealthiest minority.  We do need an overhaul and it will most likely take time to change the corruption in government.  Let's hope it is not too long...

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