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There appears to be a new trend on business, utility and government sites that allow you to pay your bill online - that is when entering payment information you, on some sites are not allowed to select the date you wish the payment to be made!  Most sites would allow you to select a date up to your current billing due day to have your payment processed. Many sites are not allowing this any longer and your payment is processed sometime after you enter your payment information and submit it.  Where is the convienence in that?  So if you want to make your payment on time and you are somehow engaged on the day you would normally make payment you could be late in making that payment. Things that happen to all of us like cars breaking down, dental emergencies, kids stuff(!) the mishaps in life are endless.  These sites and businesses will expect you to pay perhaps weeks in advance of your due dates, just because they can!

They obviously don't really care about anything but getting paid - even if it is weeks in advance of there agreeded upon due date. They certainly don't give a good damn about their customers and the convienence paying via their web site might afford theircustomers.

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