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I ran across an article today that referenced how executives in the know should be fixing what is broken with regards to customer service in their individual organizations.  Phooie!  That will never happen in the current corporate climate.  Today's corporation is about pure, unadulterated profits - nothing else and customer service is a cost center that needs to be constantly trimmed, cut and minimized.  Not polished and refined to create a better, easier, more fluid customer experience.  There are some exceptions but these are few.

The mantra among corporate execs is, "make more money" and let the customer "adapt" to the kind of service we give them!

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#1 Shoppie 2015-03-22 12:12
Amen to that! Customer service is not getting better as a matter of fact it is getting worse! Greedy companies want more money and profit and one way to get it is to go cheap on customer service! And they are doing that, it is really a shame but like the article suggessts people are willing to adapt to what they thin[k]g is all they will be given by the companies in control. The people need to show that they are in control!
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