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It's been our official healthcare all year long, the legislation dubbed, the Affordable Care Act also known as “Obamacare”. How has it faired?  That may have mostly to do with your political point of view and little to do with the truth. Even with this new legislation enacted we still have a market-based system of healthcare. People will only get the amount of healthcare that they can afford rather than what they need or is required. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) takes our failed system to new heights with the only participants gaining value from it - the upper echelon of the health insurance industry, for-profit hospitals and the big pharmaceuticals.

Having listened to the debate over the new legislation prior to its passing only makes me realize that most Americans don't have a clue about the healthcare industry or the healthcare system they're now receiving. In a nutshell, the ACA takes our broken, failed, market-based healthcare system and requires the uninsured to purchase private health plans using the government to sell and subsidize those plans. Those that already had health insurance are either forced off of their existing plan and onto one of the new ACA compliant plans or are blasted with rate increases, coverage exemptions, and out of pocket increases. Americans are being subjugated to a class divided system of healthcare. Once again it seems our government is complicit in yet another money-making scam profiting the large corporations that seem to be running everything now.

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#3 Extortion Expert 2014-12-27 21:30
We are being extorted just like the mob used to extort business owners for "protection money". The insurance mob is now bleeding every American dry of their hard earned money to line their own dirty pockets, all the while explaining that they are really helping so many people and yes - there are some that don't get what they should but that those are exceptions. Well I say bull [****]! Health Insurance corporations are extorting money from everyone in the U.S. and giving them less in return, often nothing in return and in some cases the extorted victims (yes we are all victims) end up dying because they can't pay enough to provide themselves with adequate healthcare. In other cases they loose everything because they are financially "bled" dry!

Thanks to the shameless politicians and corporate crooks that have lobbied and connived the political and legislative systems into a 'legalized extortion' ring!
#2 Caveat Emperor 2014-11-04 16:17
My healthcare insurance agent told me a similar story where a middle aged single woman received a refund after paying prior to the end of the grace period (30 days), received a refund check and then was cancelled for non-payment at the end of the grace period.

Not surprising, didn't ya'll know that these [****]s believe they are God. It is the new religious order called The Sacred Covenant of the Ultimate Greedy.
#1 Pastor Sinner 2014-10-31 11:25
Yes, it is obvious that the big winners are the insurance corporations and big pharma's. It is clear they are realizing huge profits, even greater than they had before the legislation. I heard of stories where insured made a payment in full, received a refund check from their insurance company, supposedly because they overpaid and then in turn were cancelled for not paying in full by the end of the grace period. Not only did they get cancelled but the company outright refused to reinstate or allow the purchase of a new policy even though they were in possession of all the facts. These corporations believe they can "do anything" and they ARE getting away with it! Is this what all the dumb [****]s want when they talk about getting rid of big government? Not only that, but we have a corrupted system as well. Thank god we have the religious right that is making this all possible!
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