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Check out this idea, it is one in which a way forward in terms of changing attitudes and morays about how we might want to behave in a civilized, democratic society.. NOT!  So far the Occupy Money Cooperative is nothing but a slightly lower fee charging, pre-paid debit card.  Really, that is the best that you ****ing "bankers" could come up with? 


You've taken away (you and the colluding governemtns) our ability to earn from savings and forced everyone into the market.  There are no savings accounts that earn even a modestly reasonable rate because you (and the colluding governments) have taken that away from the 99%.  That's why people hate ****ing bankers and the greedy, crooked, ****ing financial industry!

But let's not forget our lying, guttless, corrupt government representatives. They went willingly along with the agenda to take away a safe, albeit modest way to earn on the money we manage to sock away as opposed to being forced to gamble it in the marketplace.  **** you too!


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