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It is simple, look who is not paying taxes (and even getting huge rebates!) while making record profits, click here!


This is absurd and a political (that means you Congressional members) embarressment!  Will you accept these liars to allow corporations to continue to reap these huge tax benefits while asking the everyday American to take cuts in things that they have dutifully and honorably paid into, like Social Security benefits?

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#1 FiMitt 2013-08-14 20:43
Hey it's really rich individuals too, like me! I ran for President because I have so much money and hardly pay any taxes - when you compare what I pay in taxes against the average working stiff and I want to keep it that way! As a matter of fact if I and some of my rich comrades spread a little dough around congress we should be able to make it even better for us rich folk! (and a hell of a lot worse for the poor and too stupid to know better, working stiffs)
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