religious fanaticism

  • Is Mike Pence Going To Hell?

    "Thou shalt not bear false witness"

    Well it appears to be another case of a politician (aka, bull ****ting liar. i.e., Sarah Palin) that wears their religious beliefs on their public sleeve that is so antithetical to the religion they tout

    [Updated 1-6-2021]
    So Mike Pence finally put on his big boy pants and is going to do the right, the proper, the legally required and the moral/ethical thing. The radicalized and fanatical in his party now hate him and some apparently want to do him harm.  Is this a political party or a cult?

  • Why is Abortion THE Issue?

    Both Mitt Romney (even though you can't get a consistent straight answer over the period of a few months from him) and Paul Ryan want to legislate women's healthcare decisions about women's own bodies, including pregnancy, abortions and even contraception.  If you have religious convictions about any of these things why then can't you make those decisions for yourself?  Why can't you use or not use contraception based on your own beliefs or faith?  Why can't you do that for yourself and why does the Republican Party, including Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan want to tell you what to do regarding those issues? 

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