• Arse Backwards!

    It is almost time again for the United States to hold open enrollment for their own form of healthcare (legalized extortion) insurance!  So let's take a quick look at how this works in a supposed world where it is taught to be a "smart consumer", to shop wisely and ultimately be satisfied with spending a given amount for goods or services. (I think they call it capitalism?)

  • Canadian Universal Healthcare


    Jim (fucking) Carey speaks about Canadian Healthcare

  • Healthcare in America or "The Fix Is In"

    [Originally published 10/2014]  It's been our official healthcare all year long, the legislation dubbed, the Affordable Care Act also known as “Obamacare”. How has it faired?  That may have mostly to do with your political point of view and little to do with the truth. Even with this new legislation enacted we still have a market-based system of healthcare. People will only get the amount of healthcare that they can afford rather than what they need or is required. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) takes our failed system to new heights with the only participants gaining value from it - the upper echelon of the health insurance industry, for-profit hospitals and the big pharmaceuticals.

  • Nightmares

    They say you dream about the subconscious, that may be true and if so perhaps very telling. My dreams of late are much like the one I'm about to describe and that is certainly very telling.

    Having now to deal with a persistent, chronic illness last night's dream starts in the office of a specialist physician. The physician begins telling us excitedly, about new research and how the latest technology is creating huge advancements in the area of our specific condition. This certainly piques our interest as we listen intently for more detailed information, which we quickly learn is dependent on one specific thing. That one very specific detail, our physician informs us is that we must maintain our premium payments otherwise for certain we will be excluded from the benefits of any advancements in the area of our disease management or cure.

  • What's New?

    The answer to the question with regards to the COVID-19 pandemic is, "not a damn thing!" Nothing has changed publicly in regards to the virus, any current treatment, immunization or proven new treatment or medication. So why is the world (and in particular the United States) beginning to open it's businesses for business as usual?  Well again, that's easy, it's money and the acquisition of it.  Instead of finding ways to sustain the masses without subjecting the populous to the spread and horrors of a disease that has yet to be contained we will put those, the most vulnerable at risk so the few, the least vulnerable can acquire and build their already obscene fortunes even more!

    Nothing has changed yet folks! But let's not act responsibly nor even civilized. Let's be utter greedy bastards, which brings up and whole slew of issues about our society, cultures, religions and you name it!